We are taking the best practices from both teams. This includes our energy-efficient home design for long term sustainability and reduced utility costs. Our customer care team that will take care of any warranty concerns long after you move in. Our increased buying power is adding more value in our interior design choices. As well, we are taking the best home models from both Regina and Saskatchewan for improved functionality for todays home buyer. 

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We are unifying under the brand Pacesetter Homes as they are well established in Calgary, Edmonton and Texas.

We are an award-winning company because of the partnerships we have built. Pacesetter Homes Saskatchewan will continue to have the same commitment to local business partner relationships.

Pacesetter Homes Saskatchewan will remind you of the same way we conduct business – based on mutual respect and integrity to both our business partners as well as our home buyers. 

As a trusted Qualico company, our staying power in Saskatchewan, in combination with local and loyal business partners can be counted on as a recipe for success. By choosing Pacesetter Homes Saskatchewan you can count on consistent presence and growth in both Saskatoon and Regina.